Records Management Services (RMS) members administer the creation, maintenance, retention, transfer and disposition of police reports and other record-keeping information.

The unit serves the internal members of the Service and addresses inquiries from other law enforcement agencies.  The Operations section is comprised of the following sub-sections:

  • Enquiry: Members in this subsection are responsible for adding/modifying/deleting records in the CPIC system, maintaining/updating Master Name/Vehicle/Business index lists and acting as a liaison with external police agencies
  • Quality Control: Members in this subsection are responsible for the quality/accuracy of information entered by the Toronto Police Service onto the CPIC application
  • CPIC Management: Members in this sub-section provide professional technical support to all applicable members of the Toronto Police Service with respect to the development, implementation, administration and maintenance of the CPIC application
  • Printing & Courier Services: Members assigned to Printing Services support Toronto Police Service units through the designing, printing and high-speed photocopying of documents.  Courier Services members provide inter-departmental mail service to all divisions/units/squads, including the delivery of time-sensitive items such as court documents, Provincial Offence Tickets, video evidence and parking tags
  • GO Review: Members in this subsection are responsible for reviewing and approving all general occurrences created within the Versadex records management system and ensuring the quality, accuracy and appropriateness of the information contained therein

Contact Records Management Services

40 College St. Toronto ON M5G 2J3
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