Specialized Operations Command is divided into two areas: Public Safety Operations and Detective Operations.

Public Safety Operations includes Emergency Management and Public Order (Mounted, Public Safety) Specialized Emergency Response (Emergency Task Force, Marine, Police Dog Services) and Court Services.

Detective Operations is responsible for investigation of major crimes. The units include Intelligence Services, Organized Crime Enforcement (Drug Squad, Financial Crimes, Integrated Gun & Gang Task Force, Provincial Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement, Fugitive Squad & Bail Compliance) as well as Specialized Criminal Investigations (Forensic Identification Services, Hold-Up, Homicide and Sex Crimes units).

All these units work closely with one another and with other Divisional units, as well as various municipal, provincial and federal agencies, to ensure the most efficient and effective coordination of policing efforts across the city.

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40 College St. Toronto ON M5G 2J3 M5G 2J3
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