Volunteers Only

The form below is for VOLUNTEERS ONLY. In Ontario, under the Police Record Checks Reform Act, volunteers are eligible to receive free criminal record checks and/or criminal record and judicial matters checks from police services. Volunteers will still be required to pay any fees charged by police services for a Vulnerable Sector Check.
Additional hard copies are $4.67 each.

Please read the following CAREFULLY and have the following Information ready


2 PIECES OF IDENTIFICATION (One piece of i.d. must have a photo, contain full name and date of birth)

Acceptable Photo:

Driver's Licence l Citizenship Card Passport  l  Birth Certificate  l  Government Employment Card  l  Military Employment Card  l  Age of Majority Card  l  Canadian Citizenship Card  l  Indian Status Card  l  International Student Card  l  Passport  l  Permanent Resident Card  l  Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC)  l  Ontario Photo Card  BYID Card (LCBO)

Acceptable Non-Photo:

Canadian National Institute for the Blind Card (CNIB)  l  Birth Certificate  l  Baptismal Certificate  l  Hunting Licence  l  Fishing Licence  Outdoors Card  l  Hospital Card  l  Immigration Status paperwork

* NOTE *

Ontario Health Cards cannot be accepted for identification purposes

You must present same identification at time of pick-up


This screening is not intended for individuals being employed and / or volunteering with vulnerable Person(s). A more comprehensive process is available through the Police Reference Check Program. Police Reference Check Program for more information and definition of "vulnerable person"