Expedited Service - Non Refundable

  • Employment: $110.00
  • Volunteer: $65.00
  • (Payment by debit/credit)


Please carefully read the information below on expedited service requirements. A consent to disclosure waiver form must be brought in fully completed by the agency and applicant. The applicant must be present with a piece of government-issued identification bearing a photo.

Expedited service only applies to applicants who are clear, which means the following: 

  • Never been fingerprinted;
  • Never been arrested;
  • Never been convicted of a criminal offence;
  • Never received a non-conviction;
  • Never received a pardon for a sexual offence;
  • Gender/date of birth does not match to the RCMP’s vulnerable sector data base; and
  • Never been under investigation for a criminal offence.

Request for expedited service will only be accepted in person at 40 College Street, Monday – Friday, between 07:00 – 17:00 hrs.

This fee is non refundable in the event that the applicant is found not to be clear when checks are performed. At the time of request you will be required to sign a non-refundable waiver form. By signing this form you acknowledge that the fee paid for Expedited Service is non-refundable and surrender any recourse to seek compensation. If expedited service is applicable, applicant will be called in 72 business hours for pick up.

Applicants must provide a phone number with voice mail and only one call will be made. If expedited service is not approved at the time of request the applicant will be advised to submit the consent to disclosure waiver form by mail with a certified cheque or money order for the regular fee.