The Missing and Missed Implementation Team (MMIT) is a joint effort of Community Representatives and Police Representatives who meet regularly and publicly report on their efforts to the Toronto Police Services Board.

The current composition of the MMIT includes twenty-five (25) members comprised of both Community Representatives and Police Representatives, including members from the Toronto Police Service, and the Ontario Provincial Police.

MMIT Community Representatives:

Nicole Corrado
A visual artist on the autism spectrum. She is an active self-advocate within the Autistic community, and has lived experience with the missing persons process.

Monica Forrester
A 2Spirit Transwoman of colour, Founder of Trans Pride Toronto and Transitioning Together 2004, and currently working with Maggie’s Toronto as the Program and Outreach Manager. Monica was a member of Judge Epstein’s Community Advisory Group.

Ashley Hiscox
Has over a decade of experience working as a trauma-informed victim support and response specialist, supporting people impacted by crime and sudden tragedy, and their direct involvement with police in relation to these. She has worked closely with and advocated for members of vulnerable and marginalized communities, including those affected by missing persons.

Michele Lent
Previously a 26-year member of the New York Police Department, a member of the Gay Officers Action League and a member of Judge Epstein’s Community Advisory Group.

Elizabeth McLean
Liz McLean conducts research on drug policy for a Toronto hospital. Liz has lived experience and is deeply embedded in Toronto’s harm reduction community. She has extensive experience providing services to people who use drugs and undertaking community-based research through Sherbourne Health Centre, Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre, and the University of Toronto.

Devan Nambiar, MSc.
He has been working in the health care sector for over 20 years. He provides education and training on HIV treatment and health, 2SLGBTQI+ clinical and cultural competencies to clinicians, and Trauma-Informed Practice to social service providers. He received leadership awards at the Ontario AIDS Network and the Canadian AIDS Society and currently serves on three national research committees and two provincial committees

Maureen Parkinson
Has worked with the provincial government managing various teams in investigating at-risk persons facing financial/physical abuse, homelessness and a lack of financial resources. These people often cannot speak for themselves and advocating on their behalf called for liaisons with multiple local, provincial and federal agencies all while being cognizant of the individual’s prior capable wishes and personal background.

Desmond Ryan
Has lived experience as a police officer and spent decades working with people experiencing homelessness and addiction, as well as those in the street-level sex trade, including Trans and marginalized sex trade workers.

Natalie Sitt
A Parole Supervisor with the Correctional Service of Canada brings experience working closely with Elders, Indigenous Liaison Officers and first-hand knowledge of how the justice system has impacted many Indigenous people.

Haran Vijayanathan
The Director of Equity and Strategic Initiatives at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, a Casey Award winner for work with HIV/AIDS and 2SLGBTQ+ communities, a member of Judge Epstein’s Community Advisory Group, and Missing and Missed Implementation Team Co-Chair.

Flora Vineberg
An Associate at Spring Law with a Masters in International Law and Human Rights, frequently represents sexual assault survivors, and a current member of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Committee.

MMIT Police Representatives:

Frank Barredo
Superintendent – Unit Commander of the Toronto Police College

Michael Barsky
Superintendent – Unit Commander of Specialized Criminal Investigations

Hannah Bartz
Detective Sergeant – Forensic Identification Services

Marcel Beaudin (Ontario Provincial Police)
Inspector – MMIWG - Indigenous Policing Bureau

Lisa Crooker
Superintendent – Unit Commander of Strategy Management and Co-Chair of 2SLGBTQ+ Chief's Consultative Committee

Pauline Gray
Acting Deputy Chief – Specialized Operations Command – Leading the implementation of the 151 recommendations and the Missing and Missed Implementation Team Co-Chair

Jack Gurr
Inspector – Unit Commander Equity, Inclusion and Human Rights

Christopher Kirkpatrick
Superintendent – Unit Commander of 51 Division

Donovan Locke
Inspector – Professional Standards, former member of Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit

Brooke McRoberts (Ontario Provincial Police)
Staff Sergeant – MMIWG - Indigenous Policing Bureau

Michael Patterson
Inspector – Information Technology Command

LeeAnn Papizewski
Superintendent – Unit Commander Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit

Lauren Pogue
Acting Deputy Chief – Community Safety Command – Co-Chair of Aboriginal Chief's Consultative Committee

Chris Ruhl
Detective Sergeant – Detective Operations

Contact Missing and Missed Implementation Team

40 College St. Toronto ON M5G2J3

Key Contacts

Contact for MMIT Community Representatives: [email protected]

Unit Commander: Staff Superintendent Pauline Gray

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