The Toronto Police Service works to keep the citizens of Toronto safe. The Emergency Task Force, Public Safety Response Team, Mounted Unit, Marine Unit and Police Dogs are staffed with highly trained officers, canines and horses that work to ensure the safety and security of the community.

Emergency Task Force

The Emergency Task Force responds to high-risk emergency situations, search warrant execution, armed/barricaded persons and acts of terrorism.


Meet Your Police Dogs

The Toronto Police Dogs Services was formed in 1989, and currently consists of 21 handlers and dogs. The dogs are trained in detecting narcotics, firearms, ammunition and explosives.


Mounted Unit

The Toronto Police Horses provide high-visibility patrols each day, are a vital component of our crowd control capacity, act as ambassadors for our Service and are a reminder of a proud tradition.


Marine Unit

The Marine Unit provides support to the Harbour Commission, Billy Bishop Island and the residents of the Toronto Island.


Public Safety Response Team

The Public Safety Response Team (PSRT) is an intelligence-led, flexible, multi-function support to frontline policing and community engagement initiatives.