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Honouring Humanity and Faith

52 Division
Office of the Chief
Honouring Humanity and Faith Not a day goes by without Parking Enforcement Officer Vijeyakumar Alaguras thinking about his 10-year-daughter who died in a vehicle collision six years ago. Many days, he shed tears. Sitting in the backseat of a car driven by her mom, Shamalee Vijeyakumar was killed in a...

Torontonians Honoured for Keeping City Safe

31 Division
55 Division
Office of the Chief
Professional Standards
Shortly after starting his shift at Coxwell Subway Station last January, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Operations Supervisor Ben Kirton heard the alarm activation. “When I went to investigate, people were on the platform screaming that a child needed help,” he recalled. Passengers were terrified when they saw a toddler choking....

Commendations for TPS, Community

51 Division
Corporate Communications
Traffic Services


In his 23 years on the job, Sergeant Dean Rodney has been involved in physical confrontations when responding to emergencies and trying to make arrests. “This comes with the work you do,” he said, of having to fend off an assault. Facing a suspect with a knife in a Scarborough...

Volunteer Awards Show TPS' Best

Office of the Chief
Despite a few negative interactions with police nearly five decades ago, Melville D’Mello chooses to dwell on the positive ones. “The officers listened to what I had to say and treated me with respect,” he said. “I remember that and when the time came for me to make a decision...

Citizens Step In to Keep Their City Safe

11 Division
42 Division
51 Division
Office of the Chief
Professional Standards
Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) bus operator Reanna Bourque was travelling southbound on Progress Ave, near Highway 401 on March 6, 2022 when she noticed a man in distress running in front of live traffic towards the overpass railing. “He looked quite upset, so I pulled over as he was coming...

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