Intelligence Services provides technical, physical and analytical support for complex, specialized investigations with an emphasis on organized criminal enterprise and the detection, prevention and mitigation of criminal extremist threats. A number of other specialized services are provided, including international assistance, support and consultation on Hate Crime investigations and VIP protection. The unit is also responsible for collecting, collating and analyzing information from a wide variety of sources in order to produce intelligence products that will inform decision makers in deploying field resources where the public needs the Service the most.

The Toronto Police Service proudly holds the distinction of being the first municipal police service in Canada to form an Intelligence unit for purpose of combatting organized crime.

Hate Crime Unit

The Hate Crime Unit is part of Intelligence Services and was established in 1993 to provide support to frontline officers and investigative units throughout the city.

The Unit monitors hate-motivated crime for the purpose of aiding and identifying crimes and criminals and to assist with sentencing at the end of the judicial process.

This is important because Section 718 of the Criminal Code of Canada allows for increased sentences to be considered where there is evidence that a hate-motivated crime has been committed.


Hate the Hate -- Report the Crime

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