The Toronto Police Service is dedicated to delivering police services, in partnership with our communities, to keep Toronto the best and safest place to be


Our Action Plan

We are dedicated to creating a modernized policing model that is innovative, sustainable and places community needs at the core.


The Strategy Map

The Strategy Map highlights our guiding mission, principals and goals towards achieving our modernizing vision.


Talking about modernization

Public consultations on our Interim Report were held with various members of the academic community, specialists in shared services, business organizations with expertise in technology and the general public. All participants helped to inform us on the areas of policing that needed more focus and attention.


Additional Recommendations and advice

Input from the public has been extremely crucial in helping us achieve our action plan. Public observations and considerations have assisted us in gathering additional recommendations and advice for the Toronto Police Services Board and our Service.


Modern Policing in Toronto

Our modernization plan is about a smarter approach to policing. Becoming even more community-centric will result in improved community safety.


Culture Change

We are dedicated to treating all residents with respect and dignity. One important goal of our Culture Change Plan is to improve on decision-making, accountability and problem-solving for better progress and results.


Reporting on Progress

Our Modernization Scorecard reports on intended outcomes and progress. It's important that everyone be able to see what we are implementing, and to also check in on our progress.


Taking Action

We are actively implementing our modernization plan. Our projects are mulit-year and interconnected. We know that the changes we make will be important for the people of Toronto and the Members of our Service and we look forward to keeping you posted on what we are doing to continue to keep Toronto the best and safest place to be. 



Action Plan: The Way Forward Modernizing Community Safety in Toronto- Final Report - Printer Friendly Version

Comprehensive final report bringing together  work of the Transformational Task Force.  Builds on the recommendations of June 2016 interim report and has been informed by the input during consultations as well as ongoing deliberations

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