2 The Strategy Map

As described in our interim report, the Strategy Map (pages 60 - 61) highlights the guiding mission, principles and goals of modernization. Based on the feedback from our consultations, we are recommending that these elements be formally adopted by the Board and Service.

Mission and Guiding Principles

The modernization action plan starts with the community safety Mission of the Toronto Police Service:

We are dedicated to delivering police services, in partnership with our communities, to keep Toronto the best and safest place to be.

This Mission will continue to be the essence of the Service’s commitment to the people of Toronto. How the Service delivers on that Mission will focus on four guiding principles:

We will be actively accountable and trusted by:

  • Providing services that are centered on communities and neighbourhoods.
  • Focusing every day on building trust and addressing community concerns.

We will be transparent and engaged by:

  • Making decisions based on strategic information analysis and forecasting as well as leading practices.
  • Engaging individuals and communities, and being as open as possible about decision-making.
  • Managing change thoughtfully and assessing, mitigating and monitoring risks.

We will be inclusive and collaborative by:

  • Consistently listening to, and considering, the best interests of our communities and neighbourhoods and demonstrating this to the public.
  • Supporting Service members to be our best partners, advisors, and champions in working with communities and neighbourhoods.
  • Working collaboratively in partnership with others to develop sustainable solutions and apply the most appropriate resources to needs.

We will be sustainable and affordable by:

  • Providing value, always seeking to control our costs, and making the most of every dollar as facilitators of community safety.
  • Working continuously to improve public access to services while achieving sustainability and affordability.
  • Aligning our budgets to our strategy and focusing on the right priorities.


As the Service implements our action plan in the months and years ahead, it will work towards three goals that define what it means to be a modern Police Service:

Be where the public needs the Service the most:

  • A service-delivery model that prioritizes need, and the flexible, resilient deployment of resources.
  • A rapid, highly effective Priority Response that is focused where an immediate response is necessary for personal safety, wherever and whenever needed.
  • Using modern technology to ensure officers are fully connected to the community from any location, and to improve public access and customer service.

Embrace partnerships to create safe communities:

  • Service-delivery that is community-centric with an intensified, sustainable longer-term commitment of resources and capabilities.
  • Recognizing that there are many different communities in Toronto and that the only effective approach is an all-inclusive one.
  • Working in collaboration and partnership with communities and other services to understand and address the root causes of crime, share information, intervene early to reduce victimization, and build community capacity.

Focus on the complex needs of a large city:

  • A sustainable and affordable service-delivery model based on understanding the needs of our city and continuously adapting services to respond.
  • Drawing on the diverse and rich perspectives of residents, communities, and Service members, as invaluable sources of knowledge, experience and insight.
  • Using strategic information and data analytics to inform resourcing and deployment decisions.
  • Reflecting the diversity of Toronto’s population through the members of the Service.
  • Supporting members as they deliver change, continuously improve and take their pride of place as outstanding and innovative public servants.


Hate the Hate -- Report the Crime

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