Community Town Halls: Facilitator’s Report

Between October 2022 and March 2023, the Toronto Police Service listened and engaged during six town hall sessions with the communities on what changes are needed, and where we can improve. The purpose of the town halls was to gather community insights and address concerns regarding RBDC, as well as offer clarity on the results and the path forward.

To help bridge the gap, create a brave space for all participants, and ensure that community members were heard, external consultant Claudia McKoy facilitated each session. Read her report below for an external perspective on the town halls and recommendations for developing and delivering future engagement sessions.

RBDC Town Halls Facilitator’s Report Claudia McKoy April 2023

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Close-up photo of a woman with text on the left side: Facilitator's Report Claudia McKoy, Principal, Toronto Police Service Race and Identity-Based Data Collection Community Town Halls UpSurgence