In June 2022, the Service released the findings of Phase 1 of its RBDC Strategy, based on analysis of data collected in 2020 of officers’ perceptions of an individual’s race in use-of-force and strip searches.

As a result, the Service has identified 38 action items and is committed to working with communities to get this right.

Follow our progress as we expand the types of data the Service collects and analyzes, continue to engage with members and communities, and co-develop and implement actions in response.

July 27, 2023

Sharing Preliminary Phase 2 Findings – Part of our Phased Approach

June 21, 2023

community advisory panel meet our new members text on a dark blue background

Meet Our New CAP Members

June 15, 2023

Blue background with text one-year update post initial findigns release in june 2022

RBDC Findings Anniversary Update

May 17, 2023

poster showing a building with text IPC Transparency Showcase, shining a light on Ontario's open government projects

RBDC showcased in IPC Transparency Challenge

May 1, 2023

Large gathering of people sitting inside a gymnasium environment

Community Town Halls: Response to What We Heard

April 26, 2023

Close-up photo of a woman with text on the left side: Facilitator's Report Claudia McKoy, Principal, Toronto Police Service Race and Identity-Based Data Collection Community Town Halls UpSurgence

Community Town Halls: Facilitator's Report

April 25, 2023

Inforgraphic community town halls 300+ in person participants, 1,180 live stream views on youtube (225 per town hall), 465 chat messages during live streams

Community Town Halls: What we Heard

April 20, 2023

View of a man in a police uniform from behind, the man is wearing a sign on the bakc POLICE - NEIGHBOURHOOD COMMUNITY OFFICER

Community members appreciate NCOs and provide insights to improve

March 21, 2023

Two man in police uniforms talk to another man who is leaning on the fence

Using Data Differently | H.Q. Magazine Article