Deeper Dive into 2021 Arrest Data

Sharing Further Phase 2 Findings – Deeper Dive into 2021 Arrest Data

Today, we’re posting the second batch of arrests findings, which represents a deeper dive into 2021 arrests data.

On July 27, 2023, the Toronto Police Service publicly shared the first batch of 2021 arrest data findings collected under Phase 2. This represented only a preliminary and entry look into the data, which was collected using an iterative analysis process.

slide with text Race & Identity Based Data Collection Strategy Context and understanding arrests and arrest outcomes 2nd public release

We continued working with the CAP, our members, and stakeholder contact groups to further explore 2021 arrest data, formulate and test new questions.

For example:

  • Were arrests more associated with a call for service or events initiated by police officers?
  • How do racial disparities change when we account for age and gender?
  • Were there differences in time in custody by race; did racial disparities persist when we account for gender?

Key findings from this second report indicate that:

  • The majority of arrests follow a call for service to 911 or a non-emergency line rather than a police-initiated event.
  • There were no notable differences across race groups when looking at arrests by time of day.
  • There were differences by race in arrests across age groups, particularly for Black youth and Indigenous people aged 55 and older.
  • While there were no notable differences in arrests for most race groups after accounting for gender, Indigenous women were 1.9 times over-represented in arrests relative to their presence in enforcement actions.
  • There were some differences by race in time in custody, with Indigenous people consistently experiencing higher than average time in custody after accounting for repeat offence and gender. Further exploration is required to better understand the circumstances of these differences.

We will continue to unpack what is behind the patterns revealed in this release through further data exploration and internal and external consultations.

Visit the RBDC Findings page to read the full RBDC Phase Two Report - Arrests and Arrest Outcomes in 2021 - Further Data Findings.