Statistically, Homicide investigators have been very successful in solving murders in Toronto. Overall, clearance rates, although varying year over year, have averaged near 80 per cent from 1921 until now. The Cold Case section continues to solve these homicides recognizing that, beyond statistics, there are still families and communities seeking answers and resolution to those murders that remain unsolved. Families of homicide victims will never forget the loss of their loved one, regardless of the passage of time and hope to one day receive news that a perpetrator has been identified and arrested.

Since 1996, through new opportunities in investigative techniques and advancements in scientific methods, Cold Case investigators have had success solving cases through the re-examination of old evidence. Despite forensic evidence, it is still important for investigators to hear from the public who may have information about past homicides.

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Investigators work closely with the families of murder victims and a case is never closed until a verdict has been determined in court.

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