The Homicide and Missing Persons Unit ensures a consistent process and investigative response for all occurrences of persons missing in the city of Toronto, or on the way to/from the city of Toronto. This includes both newly reported and historic cases of missing persons and unidentified human remains.

The police division where the missing person went missing from is responsible for the overall investigation. The Homicide & Missing Person Unit will provide assistance and resources as required to investigations.


  • The Toronto Police Service investigates approximately 4,300 missing person’s cases per year
  • There is no 24-hours waiting period to report someone missing in Ontario
  • Anyone can report a person missing
  • If you are concerned with someone’s immediate safety, call 9-1-1. In less urgent situations, please contact the non-emergency number: 416-808-2222
  • Investigators will not close the missing person’s file until they have verified the location and identity of the missing person


How to Report a Missing Person

Contact the Police at 416-808-2222 to initiate a Missing Person report.

Be prepared to provide a complete description of the missing person and details regarding last time they were seen including the date, time and location.

Attending officers will ask questions about the missing person, such as their physical description, physical/mental health and their emotional state.

You will be asked to provide a photograph of the missing person by the attending officer(s). This will assist in the investigations and can be used in a News Release, Social Media posts and shared with the Media to bring attention to the case and generate leads. The information about missing person will be distributed throughout GTA and/or surrounding areas to enhance the probability of locating the missing person quickly. However, the dissemination of the photograph will commence only after consideration has been given to the privacy concerns, the safety of the missing person and investigation requirements.

Officers also will be asking for additional information to help in locating missing persons including, but not limited to: cell phone numbers, the make/type of their phones, carrier/service providers, email addresses, social media accounts, banking information, credit card information, driver’s licence, passport and its location, significant people friends/family and their contact information, and places where they frequent.

Other questions relating to availability of dental chart and DNA samples may be asked, as a part of the standard investigative procedure.

If the person missing returns or is located, contact the Police at 416-808-2222 immediately and the Police will verify their location.

How You Can Assist in Locating a Missing Person?

  • Check with family members and friends of the missing person to make sure they have not made other arrangements
  • Check with local hospitals
  • Check with school/employer of the missing person
  • Check places that the person frequents
  • Check their Social Media accounts and those of their friends and associates
  • Update the police if you obtain new information that could assist the investigation
  • Call police at 416-808-2222 if you have located the missing person


If you have any information about a missing person, please call the Toronto Police Service non-emergency number: 416-808-2222, or anonymously call Crime Stoppers, toll free line: 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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