The FIS Laboratory is responsible for conducting specialized examinations of exhibits brought to them by FIS personnel as well as from officers and investigators from across the Toronto Police Service. The expertise of our Lab Specialists has also been utilized by Police services across Canada and the USA.

The Laboratory is staffed by Civilian Forensic Identification Specialists who provide a variety of specialized examinations utilizing technical equipment, chemicals, powders, stains and alternate light sources to detect fingerprints. They have been DNA trained and routinely collect potential DNA evidence as part of their daily work flow. Our Laboratory Specialists also give expert witness testimony
in all levels of court.

Some examples of the forensic examinations conducted by our specialists include:

  • Cyanoacrylate fuming /Dye Staining /Alternate Light Source Examinations: Carried out on rifles, handguns, ammunition, drug packaging, electronic equipment, currency and a variety of other smooth, non-porous exhibits, etc.
  • Specialized Dye Staining Chemicals and Techniques: Used on a variety of adhesive tapes, sticky back surfaces etc.
  • DFO oven, Indanedione Heat Press and Ninhydrin Incubators: Used on a wide array of papers, boxes, currency, documents and personal identification.
  • Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD): A 2 step process that develops fingerprints on non-porous smooth surfaces. The VMD develops visible prints that do not require alternate light sources.

Serial Number Restoration: For over 20 years, our Laboratory Specialists have been trained by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to restore serial numbers previously removed or obliterated from seized firearms.


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