Marine Unit training section is composed of one training Sergeant and four full time, professional training constables. The training unit delivers an assortment of mandatory courses to all marine officers. All courses are taught in house at the marine station. The trainers constantly develop additional training as required. Some of the mandatory courses for the marine unit are:

  • Coxswain level 1
  • Ice Rescue
  • Swift water rescue (River rescue)
  • Husky Airboat Operation
  • Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Master Mariner Certification

The Coxswain course is mandatory for all marine unit applicants. It is a three week, intense training on boat handling and theory. The contents include navigation, radar/gps, charting and plotting, maritime radio communication, boating license, Canada Shipping act, boating regulations and search and rescue. Each candidate must successfully complete the course in order to be eligible to join the unit.


15-20 Body-Worn Camera

15-20 Body-Worn Cameras Appendix A

Hate the Hate -- Report the Crime

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